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Connect iphone to android tablet

By | 04.07.2020

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Connect iphone to android tablet

Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. It only takes a minute to sign up. As the iPhone always has an internet connection, I want to use it for the Galaxy Tab as well. Of course I could just swap the sim card, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution. Beginning with IOS 4. Unfortunately, this only seems to work over Bluetooth or USB. Is there any way to convince my Galaxy Tab to use a Bluetooth as "Internet connection"?

If not, is there any other way to achieve what I'm trying to do here? I did this on my nook color and it works really well. You dont need to connect via BT. You can do it via wifi. Turn on tethering on the iPhone. Go to wifi settings and ensure the iPhone is not connected to a wifi device. Then go to your tab and open wifi connection settings. Do a wifi search and it'll find the iPhone. Connect the tab wifi to the hotspot which is the iPhone.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 3 months ago. Active 8 years, 10 months ago. Viewed k times. I have two devices: iPhone with sim card, including data option Galaxy tab without sim card As the iPhone always has an internet connection, I want to use it for the Galaxy Tab as well. As USB is out of question, it looks like Bluetooth is my only hope. Therefore my question: Is there any way to convince my Galaxy Tab to use a Bluetooth as "Internet connection"?

Of course I could also turn it around and put the sim card in my galaxy tab and then connect the iPhone via wireless to Android.

But the iPhone is really the main device and I don't need the internet connection on my tab too often when I'm not home. Bluetooth "access point" or USB tethering usually are not called hotspots. Active Oldest Votes. Thanks for the suggestion, but I need to jailbreak my iPhone for MyWi.

If this is the only solution, I might consider jailbreaking.

Wireless Display Adapter Compatibility

The Galaxy Tab doesn't see the wireless network yet.There are literally thousands of app based games available on Apple and Android devices these days. Whilst Angry Birds may still be the one that people remember, time on the internet moves at a very rapid pace, and there are scores more games now on the cusp of becoming the next big thing. The question is, what happens if you buy a game, invest hours of your life in completing it or building up an empire in strategy gamesand then buy a new phone?

For example, you might be a big fan of the strategy combat game Boom Town, which allows players to construct vast cities, bring together troops to claim opponent territories, and experience life as a virtual king or overlord. Yet, what if you used to play on an iPhone, but now want to play iPhone games on Android? In another word, is it possible to transfer games from iPhone to Android?

The problem is that you have to use third party transfer software, and it can be a time consuming process with many of the tools available online. This tool is easy to use, simple to install, and transfers selected data between devices at the click of a button.

You might be upgrading your phone, or switching to a new carrier — whatever the reason for needing a data transfer, iPhone to Android Transfer can help you achieve it in the most efficient way possible. Download the free trial version of this iPhone to Android transfer tool on your computer and with the following three steps, you can transfer game data from iPhone to Android quickly and easily.

To begin, you need to launch iPhone to Android Transferchoose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode from the primary interface to bring up the device to device transfer window.

Once you have connected both the iPhone and Android device to the computer using USB cables, they will be picked up by the software and another window should open like the following picture. The two phones will be displayed as "Source" and "Destination" devices. You can click "Flip" to switch their places.

The next step is to select all of the data which you want to transfer — a list of the things which can be transferred should be presented in the middle of the window, and include things like contacts, text messages, photos, and more.

Once you have indicated which ones should be moved the game related data, in this caseclick the Start Transfer button. The selected data will now be transferred from the iPhone to the Android device. There is simply no use having a sophisticated and modern phone if users cannot do these things with it, and they cannot do them quickly.

If you have invested a lot of money in an Android device, you have a right to expect to be able to transfer your game data from one device to another, and to not have the logistics eat into your gaming time. Transfer Contacts between Nokia and Google Nexus 5. Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team.Phone screen sharing and cross-platform control have already been integrated into mobile operations.

Nowadays an increasing number of people seek ways to mirror iOS devices to Android devices so that they can get more enjoyment and functionality from their digital life. The following information will introduce you to what we believe is the most accessible and practical software for mirroring iPhone and iPad content to your Android device.

Not only can you use it to stream many types of media files, but you can also apply it to mirror multiple Android devices on PC. For any iOS device with AirPlay capability, you can even mirror those devices to Android devices running version 5. Besides its strong screen sharing functionality, ApowerMirror is also designed with other useful features. Another good app for cross-platform screen-sharing is Reflector 2 for Androidwhich allows you to display your iOS device on an Android phone or tablet without any cables or intricate setups.

As long as your Android runs version 4. With it, you can easily stream the content of your iOS device to your Android. For example, you can mirror iPhone to Android TV for game playing and movie enjoyment. The following steps teach you how to mirror iOS device to Android device.

There is a wide variety of workable solutions available on the internet for those who are seeking to mirror iOS devices to the Android platform. However, we believe ApowerMirror and Reflector 2 for Android are the most user-friendly and stable options currently on the market. Users with Android version 4. For users with Android 5. Go to App Store to download this software on your iOS device.

It will start searching for available device. After your Android device is shown on the interface, tap on it. Swipe wipe up from the bottom of your iOS screen to open Control Center. After that, you can mirror iPhone screen to Android. Reflector 2 for Android — Mirror iOS Devices to Android Devices Another good app for cross-platform screen-sharing is Reflector 2 for Androidwhich allows you to display your iOS device on an Android phone or tablet without any cables or intricate setups.

WIRELESS Print from any Phones, iPhone iOS, Android, Ipad, Tablets to ANY WIFI PRINTER

Download and install the Reflector 2 on your Android. Launch it and name your Android device. You can choose to set a passcode or select an onscreen code. The app uses your Android device as an AirPlay receiver.

Connect iphone to android tablet

Swipe up from the screen bottom of your iOS device to open the Control Center. Then you can mirror iPhone screen to Android. Conclusion There is a wide variety of workable solutions available on the internet for those who are seeking to mirror iOS devices to the Android platform. Rating: 4. Last updated on January 22, Leave a Comment 1 Comment s.We live a fast life. And a busy one! It is not unusual for someone to have several cell phones and tablets with them all the time.

One can use iPhone as a personal mobile device, and Android phone and tablet for corporate purposes. Keeping all these devices with all different operating systems in sync is an important but not an easy task. While there are multiple applications out there promising excellent sync across all your devices, when it comes to syncing iPhone to Android, you need to settle with nothing but the best such app.

Check out what SyncMate can do for you in this situation. SyncMate is a powerful sync tool that allows keeping your Mac in sync with numerous devices. It offers sync with Android and iOS devices so you can easily sync these devices one with another via Mac using SyncMate. Just connect both devices to your Mac, sync data from the first one with your Mac and then sync your Mac with the second device.

Contacts and calendars can be synced for free. To sync other data like images, videos, music, folders, etc. Of course, all mentioned above devices and accounts can be synced one with another via Mac.

Most people that wonder how to sync iPhone with Android or other devices want to do so because they want to sync photos.

Connect iphone to android tablet

Since syncing photos is very important for most users, SyncMate has dedicated a lot of attention to this functionality of the app. With it, you will be able to easily keep your photos in one place and have easy access to all your memories no matter if you took them with an Android or iPhone. Here are the steps to follow to sync Android to iPhone when it comes to photos:. Using SyncMate you make sure that all your iPhone photos get synced with your Android device and the process can be repeated with multiple other devices if you need to.

Not only that SyncMate answers how to sync Android to iPhone questions, but it takes care of both directions of the sync. The extra features like choosing to sync albums as they are or convert photos if you are worried about not having enough space on the Android device, make SyncMate the best tool out there. You get to choose the order of the contacts, apply settings for group sync, and even manage contacts remotely. So, no more asking yourself how do I sync my iPhone contacts with Android, here are the steps to follow:.

Using SyncMate you will no longer have to worry about how you sync iPhone and Android. Contacts on both devices can be updated so that you will never have to look for a contact on the other phone again. This flexibility does not only make you more productive but also brings a lot of peace of mind when you need to contact someone quickly. No matter which data you want to transfer, you can trust MobileTrans to take care of everything with maximum speed, accuracy, and safety.

This is especially useful when you switch from an Android phone to an iPhone or you simply want to make sure you have the same data on both your work phone and your personal one. This method is extremely flexible and allows you to transfer exactly the data you want, making it highly accurate. You should also know that when connecting an Android device to Syncios, you will have to go through USB Debugging mode first and add an extra driver.

Besides this extra step, Syncios is a very useful app to transfer data. Top choice.Forum Rules. Advanced Search. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: connect iphone to android tablet? Tweet this thread Share on Facebook Reddit! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. There is a version of DropBox for the iPhone and also for Android. Free for 2GB.

How to transfer or sync your calendar from iPhone to Android

The MP3 files you copy to DropBox will be available in both p[laces. Get additional disk space on Windows WiFi problems? The Master T Help Thread. Dropbox would be the best way to get music from your tablet to your iPhone. Whatever is shared in the folder will be available on both devices, however, you will need an internet connection to access it. There is no way to actually download and save the songs on your iPhone. If you want to listen to music without an internet connection, place the songs in your Favorites folder within the Dropbox.

Anything in the Favorites folder should be accessible offline. UK users requiring warranty support should contact their retailer. For other geographic locations, please check your product documentation or the Asus website for your locality and follow the support section instructions. If you have a jailbroken iphone there may be a way.

Using an iPod you can see the mp3 files and copy them off of an iPod. However adding new mp3s to the iPod will not allow them to show up in the iPod as you need iTunes to do it properly. Frederuco's Fantastical Forum Favorites! Updated July Copied SIM contacts to Android phone memory 2.

Created a Google Account 5. Sponsored Links. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. By panther06 in forum Transformer Prime Help. Replies: 4 Last Post:PM. All rights reserved.With smartphones becoming the focal point of entertainment in our livesthe humble TV has taken the backseat. However, with TV's becoming smart, it's time that we combine the best of both worlds i. TV and smartphones and come up with the most ideal solution — screen mirroring.

However, if you happen to own an iPhone and an Android TV, the situation gets a bit tricky because of the obvious reason — clash of the tech titans. Worry not, help is on the way in the form of AirPlay. Despite the several features of AirPlayit alone can't pull off such stunts. That's when a third-party Android app comes in handy. This app creates a server of its own and, with the aid of Wi-Fi, mirrors the phone's screen to the Android TV in a matter of seconds.

Sounds interesting? Let's jump straight in and see how this setup of Apple's AirPlay and the Android app works. Next, start the server on your Android TV. Open the app and navigate to the Start Server option and click the Start icon. A simple tap is all it takes to connect to the Android TV. Once connected, your iPhone's screen will be instantly mirrored to the TV.

Simple, isn't it? Now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show with the added benefits of a bigger screen. AirScreen is available for free on Google Play Store. While the free version will give you the option to play or mirror 15 videos per day, this limitation will be removed if you subscribe to the app. As you can see, mirroring your iPhone screen to an Android TV is a hassle-free affair.

Connect iphone to android tablet

Just follow the steps and see the magic take place.I have a android tablet asus transformer infinity tf and i'm getting a keyboard dock made by asus for this specific model of the tablet that has a full size usb 2. Hmm, I don't think so. You can connect your iPhone to a laptop or computer if you have one, and transfer whatever files you want from there to the tablet by also connecting the other device to the laptop.

Hopefully this can help! Evil Hag. When Android user sends text to a mixed group of iPhone and Android users? A family member who is an Android user sent a text message to a large group of recipients, including me. The group has both Android users and iPhone users.

I'm an iPhone user. Does this mean that I will receive everyone else s messages like an iMessage group, or will all messages go directly between the conversation starter and whoever is messaging him, without any of the other group members seeing what the other members said? Tablet snapshots on the Tablet and iPhone?

Is It Possible to Play iPhone Games on Android Device?

I'm not very tech-savvy guy, go please forgive me. But does a Samsung note Here are the dimensions again I do not know what I'm doing Tablet Note How do pages display on a tablet? I have an iPhone 6s Plus. It almost seems redundant to buy a tablet, but they are more affordable than a laptop.

I prefer the way web pages display on a laptop. I have never had a tablet, do they display pages more like a phone or a laptop?

Pairing iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy Note I want to update my iphone 5 but I don't have a computer. Instead I have an android tablet, samsung galaxy note and I want to know, how do I pair up an iphone with an android tablet? I mean how can I transfer media between the two?

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